Monday, September 26, 2011

Glad I Went.............

Rained all weekend here in Charlotte, not in the mountains! Glad I went, never even got the road bike out, the weather was to nice. We got to spend all day Saturday in the woods. The trails were perfect, just a little bit wet and the grip was great!

We rode about every trail in the Bent Creek area and I think half of them went straight up. I never spend any time in the little ring around this area but up there you are in the small gear alot! Got some great pictures and even found a timber rattler! A BIG timber rattler! He was across the trail and we let him take his time getting of the trail!

about 15ft away!
he finally started to move...
see the rattles..I zoomed in for the pic. I wasn't close...
Never once did he rattle either, as you can see from his rattle he was about seven years old. So after we ran into him all I could think of was , he's got to have at least one brother or sister! That's a weird feeling!

a break in the tree line.
So after we got to the top and came down the one downhill, the other guys were ready to call it a ride, we weren't. So we went back up to the top and tied together about 30 minutes of all downhill. That was a blast! You usually don't have that long of a downhill. When I say down I mean down too. My hand s start hurting from holding the brakes that long.

about 3 ft wide tree
We also found a tree beside the lake up there that a beaver had been working over. Never saw the beaver though. That tree was huge too. Those little guys have ambition for sure, if I was a little beaver I think I would drop the littler trees.

Of course we are still getting screwed here in Charlotte, as soon as you get to Shelby heading west gas goes down about 30 cents a gallon. Why, I don't know but it does! The lowest I saw was 3.35 a gallon.

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