Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Them Hills Are Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have already mentioned the Pisgah Mtn Stage Race starts today (Tuesday). There are 2 local guys I know who are doing it and they are going keep everybody up to date. They are using the local club website. If you wanted to check it out here is the link    http://www.tarheeltrailblazers.com/index.cfm .

Anyhow there is a post on the forum, I put it under "going on location" about my encounter with the rattlesnake. A few people have replied with pictures of their own!

DuPont state forest

black mtn
After seeing these pictures it makes you realize "them hills are alive". Man I think I am going to sell the mtn bike and get me a new road bike. I wonder how many times I have pedaled right past a snake and not even noticed it. Makes you wonder, I spend a lot of time in the woods so odds are I have been right by many of them.

Yes I know we have snakes down here too, they don't just live in the mountains. But up there they are a lot more potent! A copperhead will make you sick as a dog, but chances are you will be alright. A rattlesnake, if you don't get help really fast can kill ya. I think I am going to invest in a snake bite kit!!!!!!!!

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