Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ok Tuesday..............

I started a post yesterday and never got around to finishing it. So today I am going to get it done. It was HOT!!!!!! Really hot, so nobody slepted that well Friday night, the kids wanted a camp fire but that was out of the question. We used a lantern for light and hung out till about eleven before we went to bed. So after a night of halfway sleeping we got up Saturday am and nobody was really feeling a ride. So instead we packed up and headed to the house. I will be so glad when this heat wave breaks up and fall gets here.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer time and the heat. It beats the winter and cold anytime but it seems like we've had a hot summer. I can't wait for the fall and the need for the heater in the camper, that will make it pretty cool! Then we can justify the camp fire, that's what camping is all about. Yes, we will be going to Asheville on a regular basis!

Next we started soccer practice yesterday, Cody is going to play again this year! It looks like we are going to be soccer and track parents for the rest of high school. So far we haven't found the perfect sport for Chase yet. Although he likes the bikes, if I can just get him to go ride and train a little more.

The highlight of today's post would be that we are heading on vacation all next week and I am starting to get excited! North Myrtle Beach for a week~!!!!!!

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