Friday, July 29, 2011

Yea Ha.........Friday..............

It's Friday, It's Friday.................I am glad it's Friday!!!! I am always glad when Friday gets here. Another week gone and only 1 more week till vacation. Yep a week layed up in the condo at North Myrtle Beach, the kids are excited and so is the wife. Summer seems to fly by, it seems like we just got through with school and now we are like a month away from school starting again.

Anyhow Karen is going to see here friend in Virginia tonight and the kids and I are going camping. Cody's beach trip is on hold till Sunday before they leave so now he is going with us tonight. We are going back to Uhwarrie to ride in the am. Last night I went to Lowe's to get some firewood and I saw this old Volkswagen Beetle in the parking lot. Check out the pictures.

You see the late sixties side window air condition unit! That's pretty neat, I have seen these but never on a car. My first job was at Don's Auto Parts, a salvage yard. I learned a lot working there and that is where I had the chance to see one. Although the one I had seen was smashed and going in the dumpster.

Next we have Karen and the pet turkey, the kid named him Stanley he will sit and perch on your hand as long as you let him. At least now, when he gets a little bigger that will be over. He is gonna get about 20 pounds. See the red under his chin, that is his gobbler growing in. He trys to gobble now with no luck..see ya Monday..............

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