Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ok, I am late again.......................

I have been by myself the last few days at work and haven't had time to do my blog. So here I am, sitting down on Tuesday trying to catch up. Had a good weekend and got in a lot of riding. Saturday am I hit the road bright and early, went from my house out New Salem Rd to New Salem and back. That's only 25 miles total but have you ever rode down the road? Very hilly you are either going up or coming down. The kicker to my ride was the rain. It was hot and humid but I didn't think about the rain being a factor. I haven't been caught in the rain in a long time. It was fun, I got all wet and even got a little cool. Distance 25miles avg speed 17.9

So as you have already seen  my camera was on the dresser at home and I had no pictures from the ride. I really need to start doing better with the pictures. I seem to get more hits when I have pictures on here! I don't know what that says about my readers but I enjoy shooting the pictures anyway. I like getting some good shots while I am out riding.

Anyway Sunday rolled around and I was planning on a group ride over at Uhwarrie, early am. Mistake number one! Anyone who knows me very well will tell yea I don't like early am. It just doesn't work for me. When I was a truck driver I would drive till 3-4 am and then sleep till 9-10 every day. I thought that made the most sense anyway. I could drive in the early morning hours with little traffic and then get up after rush hour and wouldn't have to deal with as much traffic.

So we over slepted. Sonny and Austin skipped the ride and poor old Glen showed up by himself and had nobody to ride with. Usually I wouldn't feel to bad about this but this time we were going to meet at  Uhwarrie and he had never ridin there. He tried to figure out the trails but he missed the best trails. So now I owe him a trip over there and show him the way around.

Well anyhow I finally made it over there about 2pm, way behind the appointed time of 9am. Neither one of my kids wanted to go so it was me. Now when you go over there you are way down in the woods. I don't believe in Bigfoot so I am OK with riding by myself. It is very peaceful and quiet down in the woods all by your self. I met one rider the whole time I was riding. Next week I will take some more pictures................

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