Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Country Riding...............

I love it.... What can I say, i am lucky enough to live in the county and have access to really good riding. Last night I took off and hit the road for a 2 hour ride and enjoyed it. I went south toward Pageland and cut back toward Monroe, came right thru downtown and back to the house 35 miles and 2-bottles of water later and I was done.

I only took this one picture last night but it pretty much sums up my ride. Corn fields left and right, nice rolling hills with little traffic. Nice friendly people who like to wave and say hi when you go by. I had a good time as you can tell. Total time 1:42min 17 avg. speed.

The only other thing that made me smile yesterday just happened to be when I got home. The mohawk is gone and school starts tomorrow. Both kids got a clean up around the ears......

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