Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Little Race...............

It was a big race with a little turnout. That about sums up the whole "last minute" change to the Riverfront Classic Mtn. Bike Marathon. In the eleventh hour the venue was changed from the Whitewater Center here in Charlotte to Uhwarrie National Forest. The trails at Uhwarrie are a lot harder and then we had the hurricane, between the 2 I think it scared people away.

I hate it worked out that way, Neal worked hard to put on a good show and he succeeded as usual. He had food and drinks a keg of beer for after the race and the weather was perfect. Cody is all wrapped up in soccer and ain't up to racing a 50 mile race right now and I didn't want to ride solo. So we sat out and just rode. I ended up riding 4 laps just to see how it would feel and how my legs would respond. Overall my body held up well, my legs got week but I still had enough in me for the long haul. I kinda used this as a good training ride for me. The 12 hour Tree Shaker is coming up in October so I am aiming for it.

Dave from the shop

sponsor area
My shop, Bikes East was the primary sponsor for this race and they came out with a few demo bikes for people to ride and had a lot of traffic around the tents. Overall the race had a total of 55 riders, that is about half (or Less) than last years turnout. Maybe next year they will have a good turnout, let people get used to the ideal of the new facility and will see what happens.

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