Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Now For Sunday..................

Now for Sunday! I tried something I have never done before and had a blast doing it. I loaded up my mtn bike and hit the road. I pumped up the tires with about 55 pounds of pressure and off I went. I drove down to Rock Rest School parked and headed toward SC.

see how far away the road is....back of field
First thing I noticed, the speeds are way down from the road bike, second thing I noticed was how easy it was to pedal the mtn bike on the road. Third thing I noticed was how much fun it was! No kidding, I had a blast. If you want to ride a dirt road, no problem. If you want to check out the back side of a field, no problem. Just take off across the ditch and head on.

I pass this church all the time! Finally stopped for a picture.
I even found myself more willing to stop and take photos, it was like I was a kid again and in no hurry. Most of the time I am trying to keep my average speed up and looking ahead to see how the road is flowing. If I need to be getting up to top speed for the next hill or if it is a rolling terrain. All I seem to do is look at the computer and think I have to work on "training". I must be an idiot!

nowhere south union county
Why do I train, I am 43 and sure as hell ain't gonna make it as a professional cyclist so why do I care? The whole reason I ride is because I never forgot how much fun a bicycle can be. Plus they call it exercise, heck I would ride even if I still had to do something else to qaulify as exercise.

notice the computer dosn't even work on mtn bike
My only complaint was my seat. I have a racing seat on my bike and it ain't made for sitting. Tonight I am going to put my road seat on my mtn bike and do it again. I know where there are some trails I go by down on Richardson Creek, tonight I will find out where they go...............

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