Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Don't have a lot to talk about today, went home and mowed the yard yesterday that was about it. I don't like to mow and I know you don't care about me mowing so lets keep moving. Tonight I am going riding. So as I was wondering what to write about today I went through my pictures. I had saved these at one point in time or another and decided to use them today.

First one, what a bumper sticker. I had never seen a sticker like this and it made me laugh. Came from one of the blogs I was reading. He found this in a small town in Louisiana, they seem to have a big problem with meth down that way. It says kids who hunt and fish don't wheel and deal.

Next we have a public bathroom in a European country. You think that would work here in the states? I don't we are to paranoid to use something with no more privacy than this.

Of course I never get to far from the bikes! How about a 10,000 dollar carbon tandem. Ever wonder how many they sell a year? Can't be that many, how many tandems you see!

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