Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Rides...............

As I said yesterday we did a little riding over the weekend, in the heat and yea it was hot! Saturday I went out and rode, yes I waited till 1pm to go. Yes I know that is the hottest time of the day, but what the hell that was the time I had available. I think it was like 99 degrees when I hit the road.

I went to Rock Rest school and parked, from there I went south to Pageland SC and back for a total distance of 42 miles. I enjoyed the ride and even went the hard way. When I say the hard way I am referring to "the hill". If you come into Pageland from they west side of town you have to climb one huge hill. You get to go down one long fast hill when you cross the state line and go across a valley for about 1 mile then you go up! Up and up. From there I cross town to my favorite little store and then head back north. As you can see from the picture you get a good view of the valley before you drop of the hill. I can get up to 40mph by the time I get to the bottom without even pedaling.

SC state line before drop

just in front of sign before drop
From the store I head north as I said and work my way back to the truck. This time I came up hwy 207 with the intentions of working my way back northeast to the truck. So I am pedaling along and I see this nice new road all paved and looking good, I turn right thinking what the hell it has to take me somewhere. It did, 1 mile later at the bottom of the hill it ended!! Dead End....So I turn around and climb right back up to the road and keep heading north to the next road. No, I had no ideal where it was going either but I took it.

new road to nowhere
Anyway I made it back to the truck and home to the couch. Sunday the kid and I went out for a short ride and had a good conversation. Cody had to come home early, he has poison oak and it was rubbing his shoe. Combined with sweat it wasn't feeling to good. Then it was pool time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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