Monday, July 18, 2011

Camping And Race over..................

Yep, camp trip and race are over again and it's Monday. If you don't realize yet I hate Monday, it means I have 5 more days to set here and act like I care about building materials. I really do like my job but I really don't like to work. Anyhow we had a good time and Cody got in another race.

Chase and I went riding Saturday afternoon and Cody stayed at the camp site and pedaled on the trainer, he didn't want to wear himself out for the race on Sunday. Chase and I had a good time, he does really well for a kid his age (11). We followed the tail up the mountain and came back down the fire road. Usually we go the other direction and come down the trails. To my surprise it takes a long time to come back down the fire road. Longer than I thought it would!

Chase had a hair cut the other night, check it out! He has attitude!!!! You have too, if you are going to wear your hair like this. He likes it and it is summertime, we will have it cut by the time school starts I promise you that!

Here are a couple of shots from the race. This is the start and the first lap, I took about a hundred shots but you don't want to see all of them and I don't want to upload them all.

I have to put this one picture on here, this young kid raced in the same race as Cody cat-5 and finished in the pack. Chase saw this and now he wants to race road bikes!!!! He looks funny riding behind the adults, but by god he can keep up!!!!!! Chase is excited and that makes me happy!!!!!!!!

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