Friday, July 15, 2011

Gettin Ready..And Friday

Yep getting ready again! Time to travel, we are going back up to Pisgah Saturday am and riding the mountains again. Then Sunday Cody is going to race a criterium in downtown Asheville. Should be fun, might be hot, or all of the above! That will be my bet, it is the mountains so it should cool off enough we will be able to sleep without any problems. Open all the windows and let the breeze blow! That's my plan, as far as a back up plan, well let's hope plan a works out.

The 2011
French Broad Cycling Classic

Cody seems to be all pumped up about racing his road bike now and that makes me happy. When my boys are happy I am happy. Although Chase is a little unhappy right now, somebody hacked his x-box account and it will be locked up for a few days. I sat on the phone for a little over an hour last night with x-box support trying to figure this out. We have to let them figure out what happened before they can turn it back on. He can play games but can't go live right now. If you are eleven that seems like the end of the world,
he will make it though. He might even find something else to do, like ride a bike or play outside.

Last night I rode the mountain bike at a local trail, it was hot! Real hot! Right now we are under heat advisory warnings. The Charlotte area is up around 97-98 right now and they say it feels like 110 or better guess what it does feel like that. I was sweating like a water faucet.

Fast forward, I started writing this post 2 days ago and got busy, now it's Friday and I am catching up. Since then the heat wave relented and I went riding 2 more times. Wednesday it was still hot and I got in another hot ride at Sherman. Last night (Thursday) I went to Beatty Park and it felt great Glen Alex and Gary all came and we had a good group ride. Beatty has a lot of foot traffic and it was packed last night. I had one lady start yelling at me for going to fast, kinda caught me off guard? She acted like she wasn't going to move out of the trail and then when I slid to a stop she jumps out of the way! It just happened to be one of the fastest sections of trail, so then she starts lecturing me and gets mad when I look at her like she is crazy! I could have been a real smart ass but I wasn't I just left her standing there talking to herself! That seemed to make her even mad er!!!!!!!!!!

Monday I will have new pictures from the mountains and the race stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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