Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok, I am back! Believe it or not I had no problem being outta touch for the last several days. Matter of fact I could go off the grid for the rest of my life and never feel like I missed out on anything. The beach was incredible! We went with the the mindset that "ok here we go" lets see how this turns out. We had no ideal what we were doing. We have camping gear and have been camping before so we figured what the hell. The worse that can happen is we come home early.

home for 4-nights
HOME RUN....Yep we hit a home run with this one, it could'nt have turned out any bettter! We had so much fun we ended up staying an extra day. We had ferry reservations for sunday 8am and saturday we decided to stay. I called the ferry company and changed our departure for 8am monday!! As you can see from the picture above we camped right on the ocean with nobody around for miles. Really nobody around for miles. No TV or Internet, we went to bed every night with the sound of the ocean.

view other direction
At night we had the tent heater on low and slepted snug as the preverbel bug in a rug. You would need your sweat shirt and pants in the morning and by 10 or 11 you would be down to the swim trunks. Although the water was way to cold for swimming.

Wake up to the sun rise in the morning with coffee and bagels and have beer for the afternoon. We would lay down every night about 8 and read a book till you fell asleep. It was really the best trip we have had forever. Next we will take the kids, Cody will love this and Chase will have a ball.

racoon tracks
We had a racoon who visted us every night. He got lucky the first night and ate all my honey roasted peanuts! After that I was wise to his game and I made sure I put every thing up at night.

The fishermen came by everyday on thier way to the south end of the island. Some had some really neat setups checkout this guy. The tent was mounted on plywood and had a hinge right above the windshield. When they got to the beach they just flipped open the tent! Worked pretty good...........

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