Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yep, we are now the proud owners of 6 chickens! My son (Cody) decided he wanted a pet turkey, he has a friend who raises them and said he could have one when they were ready. So Cody built a chicken pen and started getting ready for him. He did a great job on the pen by the way. All by himself I didn't do anything except bring home the wood.

chicken---turkey pen

Well he got the pen ready and the turkey wasn't ready, so what do you do? If you are my kid you get anxious and get your grandma to take you to Tractor Supply. He was ready so he bought chickens. Yes we still have a turkey coming he just hasn't made it yet. 

Now we have chickens in the back bedroom in a tub with a flood light to keep them warm. They will be big enough to put outside in a few more days but right now they are hanging out in the house! What the hell is wrong with that picture.....................Damn kids.........

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