Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok time to sign off, disappear, go under the radar, incognito! All of the above, yep we are going to ruff it. Today we have a race at North Meck park then I head to my mother-in-law's drop of the kids and head home. It will be about 9pm at that point and I still have to pack the truck.

Yep, it is the anniversary weekend! Time for the beach trip, mom is gonna watch the house and kids and we are headed to the coast. I have reservations for the ferry at 8am in the morning and a 6 hour ride to get there. So after the race and getting home, then loading the truck it will probably be around 10:30 before we hit the road. Time to drive all night, then lay on the beach and do nothing.

As I have mentioned before we are going to the Core Banks. The island is 26 miles long and has 4 bath houses spread out over the length of the island, it has a small store with ice and snacks at the ferry landing but that is it.

We are camping right on the beach with the waves to put us to bed. No Internet no phones no TV, nothing. Just a few magazines and a good book. Oh a cooler full of beer will be brought along just in case I get thirsty!  The photo above is pretty accurate to the view I will have from my spot in the sand.

I will be sure to take plenty of pictures for your viewing pleasure next week but I will not be back on here until next Tuesday. I hope you can make it without me for a few days but I have faith in ya. Again no TV no Internet no phone. I like it, you don't need all that crap all the time............Have a nice weekend and see ya next week............................................

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