Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today I am going with a group of pictures I have been meaning to use, but just never seem to come up with a use for them. Last night I went out and rode 30 miles, as I was riding along on a side road near the house I came up on a straw truck sitting there with the doors open and the hood up. The funny thing is nobody was around? I forgot to take my camera so no I didn't get any pictures. But it was just kinda weird.

So as I was riding it made me think about all the pictures I have taken of weird stuff I have ran across as we pedaled. So today I rounded up a few photos that I thought might entertain you. I have more than this but these are the only ones I have here at work. I have one of a dead rattlesnake we found in SC, it was huge! The head was like 3inches wide! I will find it a put it up next week.

 You never know what you will come across. Especially when you take the road you never take. I like trying new routes and riding places I haven't been before. Have you ever tried to get lost on a bike? We do, it makes it more fun.

I like these shots, I always carry a camera just to get shots of stuff we find like, this abandon school in SC.

How about a fishing lure mailbox.

A turkey that came out of the woods in front of us.

How about these cars at a car lot. I can hear the stereo thumping already.

I found a zebra one day at a horse farm. When was the last time you saw a zebra somewhere besides a zoo.

We live in NC and I found these, Texas longhorn cattle. Look at the horns on those suckers!!

Then one day Cody and I took a road that looked like it was going to end at any given moment. It was the original hwy 601 between Pageland SC and Kershaw SC. Hard to believe tractor trailers had to use this road for years. It went down hill forever and then uphill forever. I mean forever too. Although you see the blue truck in the picture, there were 2 guys sitting on the tail gate smoking pot when we came by. Scared the shit out of them. Made me laugh...........

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