Monday, May 2, 2011

Great Weekend...........

You don't get a prettier weekend than we just had. The weather was perfect! Saturday we did yard stuff and cleaned the pool, the kids road their dirt bikes all day and we generally did nothing and had a great day. Followed by a nice evening and sleep. I love sleep sometimes!

Sunday came around and Cody woke me up early, he wanted to ride the mountain bikes. So he loaded the truck while I got ready and we headed to Cheraw SC. It takes a little over an hour to get there and the trails are well worth it. I have mentioned before going to Cheraw, which nobody does. It is a little far from the Charlotte area but well worth the drive.

cheraw SC trail head map
The last time we went down there was December 19th, they have a sign in sheet and I looked back. Since December, assuming everybody signs in like they are supposed to do, there have only been about 75 people who have ridden there. This picture is of the trail map at the parking lot, the loop is 7 miles. The road to the left is hwy 1 and the road to the right is auction barn rd. The parking lot is off auction barn the yellow marks are for short cuts if you wanted to make it shorter. We rode 2 full laps and had a great time.

I love the flavor of these woods they are more open than most trails in my area. You can see all over thru the woods. Some sections you end up in a bottom and it will be really tight, then you pop right back out in the pines.

These pictures just don't do it any justice! Because it is a state forest they harvest the pine needles. Even though it was Sunday they where out picking up pine needles and making bales out of them. I don't know if you have ever given any thought to how they do that but it is a very slow process. It is done by hand they drag around one of these contraptions and load it by hand.

I didn't take pictures of them doing this process, we had a little bit of a language barrier. I don't think they would have understood why I was taking their picture. Take my word for it, it is a slow process. I don't know what they make but it can't be much. Pine bales sale for 3.50 a bundle.

see Cody up the trail
Anyway if you live in this area you are missing out if you don't try this place at least once.........

The only thing I saw trash wise was out in the middle of the woods. A Goodyear Eagle GT tire. Remember these if your car didn't have these in the eighties you where not in style. I was way back in the woods when I saw this. How the hell did it get there, makes you wonder. They quit making these in the early nineties......

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