Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Tuesday.........

Damn I thought winter was over! Here in NC we get wet winters and a little bit of snow, so this is like winter around these parts. I don't like it!!! Went home yesterday and it started raining, now it is has rained all day and gonna rain tomorrow. When is it gonna stop, I can't take it..

OK, enough whining, I got better things to do. I just ain't sure what those things are. I hate to clean the garage and don't like house work. But cleaning the garage rates higher than the house. Now I have a plan, tonight I will clean the garage and make space available. I always wait till all you can do is walk through the middle then I break down and clean it up. The time has come; no space left to move and the bikes are in the way.

We are supposed to race again tomorrow night but it ain't looking to good right now. All this rain will make the third week in row it has been cancelled. At this rate it will be September before we finish the summer series. Then the fall series will start right after that. Gonna be a busy fall.

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