Friday, May 20, 2011


That's right it's Friday and we still have chickens and we are buying a camper. Hows that for a combination of subjects for a Friday morning. Let's start with the chickens, my son has a new best chicken friend. Out of the 6 chickens we now have he has one that will come to him and sit on his shoulder. Checkout the pictures.

Don't that beat all, I have never been around to many chickens but that just makes me laugh! Only my son would have a chicken that would be his best buddy. To quote my little nephew Wriston "stupid chicken". The bird will sit right on his shoulder for as long as Cody will let him.

Next we have a camper! We had so much fun at the beach the other weekend we decided to get a pop up camper. My wife has wanted one for a long time and I never really thought much about it, after last weekend  we went looking.

Check it out, not bad for our first one. It's got AC a fridge, heater, heated mattresses a stove all the bells and whistles. Yep I said AC, that will make a big difference in the amount of use it gets during the summer months. Nothing is worse than trying to sleep when you are hot and sweaty. We aren't gonna let it sit long I already made reservations for next weekend (memorial day weekend). We are heading to Apache Campground in Myrtle Beach. It will be Chase's birthday and we gonna be at the beach!

So that wraps up my Friday post. Chickens and campers. I will leave you with this sunrise I took this while we were at the beach not bad......

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