Monday, May 16, 2011

Count Down...........

Count down has arrived, we are already excited about the coming weekend. Pisgah here we come! We have already started packing our stuff and getting it all ready for the trip. I have been on the net trying to find a few trail maps. This being the first time we have ever been up to Pisgah I would like to have a little heads up to what I am getting into. They have a few hundred miles of trails up in that area and I don't really want to get lost. Camping is fine but I don't want to stay out in the woods with no tent.

tent time
The crowd we are going with are great guys, at least I think so. I only know the guy who invited us and he is a great guy, so I assume he has great friends also. We are a little stronger than they are as far leg strength goes. They know their way around up there and we don't, we will also ride a little more than they will so I want to know where we are going.

They are planning on riding a 10-15 mile ride Saturday and 20 Sunday. I want to ride at least 20 each day, there is a lot of climbing so you have to take that into consideration. From what I understand there are a lot of climbs that you will end up walking up rather than riding up. As you can see by this map I found we have a lot of options. Ought to be fun!!!!!! 

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