Monday, May 23, 2011


I have been riding my bicycles for the better part of all my life. Raced BMX as a kid and then took a break for a little while, my early 20's hit and I started riding and racing mtn bikes. Then got married had kids and went trucking. That was the status quo for about 9 years. Then Cody got old enough he wanted to mtn bike so I started riding with him. That was 2008, and I have been back on the bikes for 3 years now.

I-26 about 10 miles away

All this time and I have never been to the mountains! Until now, last week I made mention we were going up to Pisgah with the guys to go riding, we did and it was a blast. I am so sore it ain't even funny!! My arms even hurt, the first time that has ever happened. That was because the downhills are so long and steep your arms hurt. That was the first time I ever wanted to take a break coming downhill! Then your legs hurt from all the climbing!
our home for the night

beach and lake area
We stayed in the Lake Powhatan campground on the south side of Asheville. Very nice place with a lake and beach for your use, quiet at night and really clean. The bath houses were well kept and they are nice people. We will stay there again. Cause we are going back that's a fact!
from the top at 5-points

I took this shot from the top of a mountain we had just climbed, for like an hour. Yea no joke there are climbs that take an hour to get to the top. I can't wait to get back up there.

These are just a few trail shots I took here and there while we where riding. Give you an ideal what the trails look like..............

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