Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Love em or hate em!!! But they got it all, as I have mentioned we are going to the beach this weekend to try out the new camper. So if you buy a new camper, you have to buy a pile of junk to stock your camper. Dishes (plates silverware cups forks spoons and knifes) cleaning supplies pillows sheets a cable to hook up your TV. You have all kinda stuff to get and of course you have to get redneck golf!

Yep, down here in the south we call this redneck golf, everywhere else they call it ladder golf. A perfect beer drinking time killer, and it is fun to boot! We played this Saturday while we were in the mountains, Cody got pretty good at it. Last night when we got home from Wal-Mart This was the first thing Cody went for. He put it together and had Chase out there with him playing while Karen and I put the stuff in the camper. I imagine this will get some use this weekend.

Our next purchase for campground beer drinking time killing southern redneck games will be corn hole! Yep I said corn hole! What a classic redneck name for a game, a pointless game no less! You must be relaxing and wasting time with friends if you are going to stand around and play these games.

As you can see it is pretty simple spread them out about 25ft and throw the bean bag at the board. In the hole 3 points, on the board 1 point. The first one to 21 wins! Then you get another beer and brag about how good you are. That's got to make you laugh, I am training my kids to be high class rednecks! We shop at Wal-Mart and buy our camping stuff and our redneck games there.

I believe this post has come full circle. Time to wrap it up.......................As I said Wal-Mart has it all!!!!!!

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