Friday, May 13, 2011


The week is over again, I am always glad when we get to Friday. This week has been tough, I am still catching up on my rest from the vacation. Even though it has been a short week it feels like it has been a long one. We have a few plans this weekend but nothing big. Chase has a buddy coming over tonight and we are gonna take them out for pizza, Cody and I will ride tomorrow and Sunday but that is about it. Next weekend I think Cody and I are gonna head up to Pisgah National Forest.

It is about a 2 hour ride from here and we are gonna camp. They have over 2 hundred miles of trails up there and we have never been. I found this shot of the camp ground where we are staying, very fitting it has a bike already in the pic. I am excited about this ride it will be fun. I have a friend who is going up Friday with his camper he has about 4 buddies coming with him. This ought to be a good time.

I will definitely take my handheld GPS! I don't want to get lost up in the mountains. My wife might get a little mad if I got my boy lost all night in the woods. Yes we are gonna be camping again. Cheapest way to go my friend. I have no problem with a tent and sleeping bag.

Have a good weekend and see ya later...............

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