Monday, April 4, 2011


Sorry, lets start with that. I haven't been able to put up a post since last Wednesday. When I started this i told myself i would never let it go that long unless I was on vacation. We have picked up at work lately and I am glad, job security. So I can't mess with the blog at work now and since time has now changed and it is day light till 8, I am outside messing around. Then you come in and eat and it's time for bed!

Oh well; lets start here, it has been March madness for the last few weeks. I have been watching basketball for like the whole month. My team has made a grand run for the overall title but we came up short Saturday 1 game shy of the final show. So now it is time to move on, Kentucky will be back next year and I will be watching! In the mean time go Butler, I hope they win tonight. I am pulling for them because they are a small school and I like underdogs.

Next we had inventory last week Friday and Saturday morning. Twice a year we have to count all the lumber and make sure we know what we got. We usually get done on Friday about 5 and come back Saturday to run the comparison. It's not that bad.

Saturday when I got home the wind was blowing so hard I didn't even think about getting on the bike. I would rather ride in the rain than in the wind! But Sunday turned out to be beautiful and I went out and rode for a few hours. Not hard, just a low steady pace. Today when I get home I am going to hit the yard and get it mowed before the rain comes in. That way when the rain is gone I will be able to ride later this week.

Anyhow I will try to stay on top of the blog a little better. We are a little slow today so maybe I can come up with another post today....Peace........ 

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