Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Upside..............

Now that my kid has his permit I am seeing an upside. Now he wants to go where ever we are going and doesn't whine about it. I came home from inventory Saturday and my little truck was washed. He said if he is going to drive it he needed to wash it. That was a surprise! So now I have a chauffeur to take me where I want to go. He does pretty good too. Almost has the hang of the straight drive, only one week of practice and doing good.

Saturday he even wanted to drive his brother to town. Now that was a first....We are starting to look for a car, that gives me even more power over the report card. I am going to change my name to Captain Report Card. He wants an older Chevy pick-up truck. So we will see how that works out.

New subject. I found this at the end of last week while I was searching the little house seen. When my kids grow up I will down size by at least half of what we have now. I would like a big garage for my toys but I plan on a house of little size.

These seem to be a west-coast thing but I like them. Houseboat living seems like it would be kinda neat They are close together and small. About 500-600 square foot each but neat.

This one is a mansion compared to his neighbors, he has a whole 1000 square feet. It has a roof top deck and all. Although that seems to be the thing a roof top deck deck to increase your living space. You want to go swimming just walkout of the living room and jump in. Most have a canoe so you can take an evening trip around the hood.

I like this one he has a roll up garage door so he can open the door and have a giant living room. I like his train of thought. If you don't like your neighbor just move your house. That would be another plus to house boat living. The biggest plus would be the fact that the most expensive house I have found for sale was  225,000 !!!!! Heck I could write a check for that.......NOT..............      

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