Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Ride And the Rain......................

It's hump day again and the weekend is coming. Left work yesterday and didn't even get to the stoplight out on Hwy 74 before Sonny was calling. The weather was about as perfect as you could get and it was time to ride. After I got home and picked up Cody from track practice it was 5:30. We hit the road at 6:00 and had a great ride, about 25 miles of perfect sunshine and temps.

The highlight yesterday was Sonny got a new bike! I love new bicycles, no scratches and clean as a whistle. The best part is it is idenical to mine. He bought a Motobecane Sprint from Bikes Direct. I love this bike I have had mine for about two years now and have had no problems with it. Mine is dirty and has few dings on it but that's only cosmetic. Washing cars or bikes is not a big priority of mine. Now I will keep the oil changed and the chain lubed but my cars and bikes don't get a lot of soap love. Back to Sonny checkout the picture.

Yep that's it. Sprint by Motobecane. It looks just like that picture too. The best part of this story is it was a surprise. His wife ordered it for him and he had no ideal it was coming. That's pretty cool. So after the ride I went home and showed my wife the 2011 new bike buyers guide and told her all about what Lori did for Sonny. I think she was awake for the whole conversation.......LOL.......At least I hope she was!

Now to the Rain. Yep it's raining again and supposed to the rest of the week. Oh it is cold also. I am sick of the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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