Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Race Day..........

Yep it's Wednesday, race day again. Got the truck loaded up and ready to go. All the bicycles are serviced and ready to ride, the kids are ready and so am I. Last night I spent the evening loading the truck and getting all that crap together. For 3 people it takes a lot of stuff.

Tomorrow I will have a full report for ya, I hope to have the same results or better to post about. We are at Renaissance Park in Charlotte. I do not like this place, no flow to it and last year I managed to crash into a hornets nest. Yes into, hard to believe but hornets build their nest in the ground and of all places to crash I hit the ground right on top of a nest. They tore my ass up, and chased my down the trail!! It was not fun. That got them fired up and they bit a few other people also.

wilkesboro nc

Check out these photos the top one is a trail up in the NC mountains that I have never ridden. The bottom one is of a trail in Colorado that I probably never will ride. I like both shots though, fantastic single track. Trails like these are what mountain bikers live to ride, flowing and fast.

How about these from California you go off the side of this trail your screwed!! I am going to get my helmet camera out and shoot a video of some of our local trails. Believe me they ain't nothing like these shots! They are nice but not "epic", that's the word we cyclist use when we want to impress other cyclist with a story about our ride!

I have a redneck buddy of mine who fly's airplanes. He gets to go ride "epic" trails out west whenever he is out west. The closest I ever get to riding these trails is when he sends me the pictures. Yea the pictures of himself riding these "epic" trails........What a friend!!!!!!!!!LOL.............

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