Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching Up............................

Ok, now it's Tuesday and time for me to catch up! The weekend went by at the usual pace, over before you know it. It took me all day Monday and a good nights sleep to get back my energy. Allergies are kicking my butt this year. I didn't ride at all this weekend but Cody did, he went out Saturday afternoon and put in about 25 miles by himself. Now he is starting to get back into riding. All because of his little brother!

Sunday came around and we went to mom's for breakfast. Easter Sunday. Then we headed to Carowinds Theme Park. Had a great time, the kids really enjoyed it. I went and had fun, but that ain't my favorite place to play. I can't take the roller coasters anymore all that flipping and flopping makes me sick.

They have really made it a nice place though. I have been going there for 20 years and it is neat to see the changes over time. What is old is new again, that type of thing.

bumper cars

brothers being brothers

candy store
Here are some shots from around the park. The biggest change is the Intimidator roller coaster. That thing is brand new and huge, also it broke down and we didn't get to ride it.

I shot these pictures from the needle thing you ride up to 320 feet. They are the Intimidator..... That didn't work.LOL. Maybe next time.

Of course you have to have a Dale Earnhardt car in front of it. Still a sharp car!

Now this thing was called the Nighthawk. I will never ride it again! You lay on your back and go backwards that sucked! I swear it made me sick!!!

Here are a few shots of Charlotte from the top of the Needle.

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