Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday...................

And I am at work, something just ain't right about that! Oh well is what it is. Raining here now, supposed to stop after while and be beautiful the rest of the weekend. I hope so! Haven't got any big plans for the weekend. Mom is keeping Chase tonight, and Cody is going to Wilmington with his girlfriend and her parents.

I am planning on riding a good bit, trying to get up to speed for the summer races. The ones I had no intention of riding. That now I plan on riding. Oh well, I can change my mind.

Now to change the subject, checkout this house. It is a famous house that I don't remember much else about I just like it. It is in upstate NY somewhere. The "glass house" is what they call it. The only privacy is the bathroom. Kinda neat and unusual.

I haven't had any of my grain tower shots on here lately so I decided to end with that. Have a nice Easter and a good weekend..............

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