Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Over the weekend I picked up trash. Yep trash you see it every where. Ok here is the deal, I live on a main road. Our lot is what you would call a flag lot; that means I am way off the road and back behind another house. You can't see our house from the road all you see is a driveway that goes down into the trees.

If you are on my front porch looking toward the road you have a tree line to the right side of the driveway and to the left I have my neighbors yard. Then we have a 10 acre field to the left of his yard. We all help keep the field mowed so it looks nice and since we keep it mowed there is nothing to catch the trash. Guess where all the trash ends up! In my woods along the tree line.

About once a month I have to pick up the trash that has accumulated in the woods, if I didn't it would look like shit! Everybody takes pride in their house and yard. At least you hope they do! Well this time around it seemed like I had a lot more than the usual amount in my trees. Two full bags of trash, that is a lot of trash. Two, I repeat two full bags!!!! Go home tonight and dump your trash in the driveway, so you will understand how much crap was thrown out on the side of the road. That is pathetic, since Sunday when I picked all that up I have been looking around and there is trash everywhere.

You ever notice how much trash is laying on the side of the road. What the hell! Can people not put it in trash cans where it belongs. The roads in America are covered in trash. You see pictures of Europe and they don't have that problem, now some countries do but we are the worst. Makes me sick.

What about those adopt a highway signs you see. What a joke, you never see anybody out on their "adopted road" picking up anything. All those signs are a waste, people use them for advertisement and that is it. Whoever the brain surgeon is who came up with the plan to let people "advertise" needs his ass kicked. That was a good ideal in theory but in reality it is a joke. People have taken advantage of it and nobody is doing their part, keeping the road clean.

They need to give the police the authority to give company's a big fine if they are just using the signs for advertisement. It's not hard to see what they are doing, if the road is all trashy give them a fine!!!

Oh well tonight I will do my community service and clean the ditch across the street from me. I feel like a convict!! I did nothing wrong but I get to walk the ditch.................

Here we go I found water tower pictures. One of these days I will tell the story of when we were kids and used to go swimming in a water tower in the summer. Yes, we got in BIG trouble........ 

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