Monday, February 28, 2011

I am tired!!!!!!

We have had about as nice a weekend that can be had. The weather was absolutely perfect! last night we were still outside at 8pm. Just didn't want to go in the house, even the dog had to be carried in. He did not want to go in.

Saturday I went and rode the mountain bike and had a good ride, we hit it pretty hard. Basically at race speed, I need to figure out where I am in the fitness category. I held my own until the 20 mile mark and then I hit my threshold, had to let the the other guys go. I have learned exactly how far I can push myself before I go to deep in the reserves. If you go to deep you will "bonk". That is an expression cyclist use when referring to completely wearing yourself out. When you reach this point you don't even have the energy to raise your arm. That is not an exaggeration I have been there before and it takes a few days to completely recover. So that being said I try not to go there. Now I know where I stand, it will take me a few more weeks to get myself back where I need to be. Right now though I am happy with the results. Considering the fact this winter I took the approach of not doing anything as far as training, just riding on occasion. I feel I am in pretty good shape.

Friday I said I was going to get a bunch of worthless pictures for the blog this week, didn't happen I never even got the camera out of the box. But I will work on that, most of the time I take it with me on the road bike but not the mountain bike. I just haven't ridin the road bike lately. All my riding has been in the woods.  The group I ride with sure as hell ain't gonna wait on me to stop and take pictures. On the road I tend to ride by myself more often, I enjoy the quite time.

When you ride and have nothing but a road in front of you your mind has all the time in the world to unwind and think things through. This is one of my favorite pictures. I love going down to S.C. and getting lost in the rural areas.

I guess that's the reason I tried to be a truck driver for 5 years, most people see a road I see possibilities. The great unknown; what will I encounter what will I see type of thing. Every stop , every encounter with other people is an opportunity for a new adventure. At least in my mind I see it that way. If you don't see it like that maybe you should open your mind a little more. At the least you might meet somebody new or have an interesting conversation once in awhile.

Looks like we are going to get a storm here this afternoon, going to blow threw pretty quick, should be able to ride tomorrow. Will be going by myself so I might get a picture or two..

Don't forget the grain towers! Next I might start taking pictures of water towers. Everybody can relate to that............

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