Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching Up........

So I have some catching up to do. I wrote Monday's post 1st thing, we had a busy day planned. You see my oldest Cody is 15 years old and he finally finished drivers ed Saturday morning. Bright and early Monday am we loaded up and headed to Polkton, time for a new chapter in our life.

From our house you are better off to drive 40 miles east to a Highway Patrol station than you are to go to the one 5 miles from our house. The one 5 mile away will have 50 people in line at 8am on a Monday and the one 40 miles away will only have 3-4. We got there and were the 2nd ones in line.

So my boy took his test and PASSED! I knew he would, and of course he missed the railroad sign. I do every time. Then she is going through his paperwork and she says you need the one from school that says his grades are good enough. Yep we drove 40 miles and didn't have all the right stuff. I had two choices at that moment; blow my top and ruin the whole day and experience for him; or laugh and drive 40 miles back to school and 40 miles back to finish this. I chose option number two.

What the hell, am I going to get mad because I am going to be later too work! Hell seemed like a good excuse to be even later! Besides I was spending the time with my kid. So 80 miles later (total of 120 now) we where back in Polkton. Ten minutes later we were back in the car and he was driving.

one week playing in the dirt next driving!
Raining like hell and in the little blue truck, a straight drive! That's right stick shift! You might as well learn the hard way and he made me proud!!!!!! We took our time and went down a few back roads for him to get the hang of it. He did and we got home. So now I have a half licensed driver in the house and 1 year from now he will be driving be himself.


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