Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Late Monday............

Ok I am back , had a busy day yesterday and never even got here. I swear , why are Mondays such a pain in the ass. I am guilty of this also but you ever wonder why people want to be lazy on Friday , knowing they will have to pay for it on Monday! We all get lazy toward the end of the week and don't want to do anything . The attitude is I can just do it on Monday. That will come back and haunt ya......And it did yesterday.....

So we had a good weekend , Karen and Chase went to Kinston and Cody and I went to the lake and tried our hand at fishing. We suck didn't even get a bite , and barely made it back to the truck before the bottom fell out of the sky. In a canoe you better pay attention to what the weather is doing , we where along way from the truck when we decided maybe we need to head toward the dock. It took almost an hour to get back to where we started. In a canoe it takes awhile. Believe it or not I forgot the camera and don't have any pictures from our first trip of the year.

Sunday started with rain and lasted about all day . I made the most of it and spent the day doing the husband thing , went shopping with the wife and basically did what ever she wanted to do. Scored some major points!!!! Rain makes a long day. If it was warm enough I would have rode in the rain anyway but it wasn't so I didn't. Easy as that......

Now to change the subject check out this chart , this is the first stage of the Trans America Bicycle route. When you pay for the maps you get about 12 different maps total. You follow all of these maps and you will and up in Astoria OR. That is a ride of 4264 miles. Most people do it in about 3-months. I may have to ride 1 map a year but damn it I am going to ride this route one of these days.this map will take you 367 miles. The one you order will have a lot more detail in it and all the roads for you to take.

You know we are down here in Charlotte NC and the weather is about a week away from really turning into spring. Then you see these pictures from up north and they are getting hammered by (hopefully) one last snow storm. The top one is of the Mississippi river up toward the Dakotas and the middle one is from the Hudson river up around Hudson NY. The last one is of the Tahoe mountains out west. Thank goodness I live down south.

Don't forget the flooding , this picture is from Ohio. You really take it for granted how good the weather is down here. Here I am , all I am worried about is the time change!!

Ok, I am about done for today . But here is some food for thought. Can you drive this car? I bet your kids can. Mercedes is gonna build this car and instead of a steering wheel you have a joy stick! Fly by wire , I don't think I am ready for this... At least you can drive it from both sides.

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