Thursday, March 10, 2011


This week has been crazy at work. I haven't had the time to write anything this week. We are working on a new marketing program at work that has been taking a lot of time. I am doing a lot of cold calling now trying to find new customers. For the most part I get a few responses a day and a lot of " No thanks". Most people will at least give up an e-mail for us to send some info and a link to our website.

It's all about the dollar, I found this picture yesterday and had to put it in here somehow. We need more money. At least new business or customers with money. I am not picky I just want a pay check and more vacation days.

So I sat down last night and went through my pictures I have on my home computer. Everybody in the house uses the laptop, everybody but Karen, she says every time she wants to use it somebody is on it. Back to my pictures Cody has saved a bunch on there so I copied a few. He is all into BMX these days so naturally he has pictures of that check these out.

Every time I open the computer I have a new screen saver, I like these they are pretty cool. Every time I turn around Cody has a new pile of dirt in the yard, he wants to build something this big but we gonna have to come up with more dirt!

How about this bike, a custom chopper with two seats and gears. I found it on the Bike Snobs blog. He had been to the hand built bicycle show in Seattle. That took a lot of work!

At the same show they had a hand built carbon fiber tandem. You are looking at a 10,000 custom bike. If my wife would ride this thing I would buy it. I don't really want to ride this with my buddies....

I have really tried not to mention this the last few weeks but I came across this picture and I couldn't stand it any longer. We are actually watching a man melt down right before your eyes. You know what Charlie has in common with Nascar. The only reason we watch is for the crash!!  

Well I guess I am about done for the day , haven't had much to say this week . My mind is kinda tired. it will drain you calling all these strange people and kissing so much ass. Hoping to get some new business. Oh well the weekend is around the corner and i am going to play tour guide Saturday. Got a group of friends coming down my way for a road ride in SC.

I like this picture , that's the only reason I put it up here. The river front in Louisville, KY. Pretty sweet looking...............

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