Friday, March 4, 2011

All Kinda Random Rambling............

Now that's a title! No direction, just thoughts. I love goggle, just type in a word and get all the pictures you want. That's where I keep coming up with so many random shots.

Lets start with Kayaks and Canoes. Tomorrow Karen and Chase are taking Karen's mom out to Kinston, NC for my little nephew's 3rd birthday, Wriston is his name. I like that name very original. Back to kayaks and canoes. With them being gone all day Cody and I are going out on the lake with the, guess what kayak and canoe. Gonna carry the cooler and some snacks and do a little fishing. Little being the key word if you know me, I am not a fisherman!!

Now back to the goggle pictures, checkout these few I found looking for boats. These are dead on what we have I have a canoe and the kid has the kayak. Not that you really care but both of ours are red.

Now these pictures made me look twice! If I ever looked back and saw what this guy saw the shark would have free lunch! I would drop dead of a heart attack and fall right in the water, shark would be feed. End of story. Everybody would stand around at my wake and just shake their head.

How about this shot I got it off a blog I have been following, a couple have been coming down the west coast and stayed in a camp ground that had bear traps set up. That would make it hard for me to sleep I don't know about you but what the hell. They are on bicycles and got there kinda late, leaving and heading to another place was not an option!

Then I have also been following another guy from Canada he is on a 20,000km bike ride around the USA he is in New Mexico right now and got caught in a dust storm the other day, that would suck. Look at those pictures that is dust filling the sky's. This is the middle of the day, dust had the sun even blocked out.  Make your water taste like dirt..

How about this, I have been following this family for two years now. They started their journey in Purdoe Bay Alaska. and are in route to Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego. Look that one up; it is like the southern most tip of South America, over 2o,ooo miles from their start point. They have been on the road for 2 years now and are within 320 miles of being there! That's impressive. If you ever want to check them out their web-site is

Next we have a little church humor, I love people who have a sense of humor and access to a sign. It is a little hard to read but says---Everybody matter how you were raised---

Today I am going to finish this with a truck a grain tower and tell ya what I am going to do.

Get it "kwitcherbitchin". Quit your bitching, KW style..Made ,me laugh anyway.....

Now my grain tower for the day...................and since you have made it to the bottom of the page I have....

Gone riding........Have a nice weekend...................

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