Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What The Hell--Late Monday Post

Ok as you might have figured out already I drove a big truck, a.k.a. a tractor trailer for about 5 years. I am going to keep the intro to this story short so stick with me, won't take long. As I was saying I drove the truck for 6 years and cover almost a million miles. No kidding I have 980,000 miles! I am that close to having a million in a big truck. Accident free, no but damn close! I missed out on my plax and certificate...Damn..

The only accidents I have been involved in where due to Other peoples stupidity. But I have been in an accident, so I can't claim a million miles with no wrecks. At least ones that were my fault. Unless you count the time I turned over my truck dumping a load of sand. I could try and say it wasn't my fault but it was. Shit happens when you pull a dump bucket. As you can see when a 40ft trailers is up in the air that high the back had better be level. If not, over it will go!!! It did too!!!!!

Of all that time on the road you would think I might have run over a deer at some point, but actually I have never hit a deer............Until now, we where having a good weekend up until Saturday night about 10:30. We were on our way home from the mall. We went to Concord Mills, it is about 30 minutes from our house. We stopped and had dinner and were on our way. About the time Karen said DEER, it was to late......

As you can see by the pictures I couldn't miss him, he caused a lot of damage. I was going about 60 at the time out in the middle of nowhere no cars around, no lights. Just dark, BOOM. Chase was laying down in the back of the van and Cody saw it happen. Chase sat up and said "did we hit a pothole" . Cody was like no we just hit the biggest deer I have ever seen. He wasn't lying either.....

damn deer!!!
 I started this post Saturday night right after we got home from the crash. I have my little truck in the shop (clutch job) now the car is heading to the body shop. We went from 3 cars to 1 in the span of three days.  

 Had a great weekend. Rode my bike sat. and sun. little windy but beautiful. Kids played outside all weekend and the weather shows a great week ahead! All I am waiting on now is the time to change then I will be able to ride after work..Later..........

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