Friday, February 4, 2011


We are getting rain all day today and that will make a messy weekend. I was planning to mtn bike this weekend, can't now. Looks like it will be a road weekend again....But at least I can find my car and it ain't as cold as it could be. Got to love Chicago. This is Lakeshore Drive, and all these cars where left the other day whem that storm came through. Thank god we are in the south.

They have been towing all those cars to a lot and you come get your ride. Now there where 700 to 900 cars towed to 3 different areas. So that being said, no they are not charging you to get your car back but you are going to have to go to 3 different lots and find your car. Then if it is in the middle of the lot you are going to have to wait till everybody else gets their car out of your way. What a nightmare!!

What would you do. Makes you think twice about becoming a bicyclist!! That's right you could have at least pushed your bike home the other night. It might take those pour car people a week to get their wheels back. You can learn a lot from kids they just take it all in stride.

They have kids who are in high school who have never had a snow day. Now they have had 2 this week, agian if we get a "chance of snow" schools close. My kids are jeolous they have been watching the news and they know we would be out for a month.

So anyway from my view point down here in the no snow zone called the south it is nice to see the pictures people send to the local paper. I copied these pics from the Chicago Tribune.

Well that's about it for now, hope you have a great weekend. Make the most of it, you only get 52 weekends a year..What a ripoff!!!!!! You work give or take 5 days a week and only get 2 off..How come in Europe they get 4-5 weeks vacation and I know people who don't use the 2 crappy weeks a year we get here. Are they just stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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