Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am fighting a cold or the flu, not sure which one yet. Doctor Karen has me on Tami flu so I should bounce back pretty quick. I don't go to doctors they are for sick people! Plus that's why I married a nurse. You know what though after she deals with sick people all day we don't get much sympathy around our house. She is gonna kill me for that statement. I thought it was funny though.

So anyhow been trying to find a subject for today but just can't seem to get motivated, this might be my shortest post yet. It's cold again here but nothing like it is out west. Cold here is in the thirties If it got below zero everything here would shut down, just like it does with 2in's of snow. I feel for my brother he is in Philadelphia and actually owns a snow blower. That's one toy I have no need for.

Mom sent me these pics. of Lead S.D. it is a little south of Sturgis in the southwest corner of the state. If I had snow like that I would only have to dig out one time. Once I got out I would head straight to the airport and head as far south as I had money to get me!!! Could you imagine dealing with this everyday. Not me!! Look how deep the front yard is in the last one. It will be June before that all melts!!

Now to change the subject and the climate look at that picture it was shot in Florida, they don't get snow down there. But anyway that guy is having a bad day, he tried to go around a car who was turning into a parking lot, no patience. The car was waiting for the truck to pull out of the lot and so he drove right under the front of the truck. Once again that just shows, just cause you have money don't mean you are smart! Believe me most of my business is the custom home market. I have meet some stupid rich people over the years. A lot of stupid rich people.

I owe this pic to mom also. I guess she saved they day as far as my blog goes. Rule #1 ....This should be one of the golden rules!! Loose lips sink ships!! That's what this picture reminds me of.

Well that's about all I have to say today. Tomorrow is the day. End of the week..........

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