Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Now this sounds like my kinda ride, this is a 42 mile road ride in New York City. They close  the roads to  traffic for the event and you get to ride around NY, all 5-Burroughs. Check out the route map.

Ok, I tried to copy a bigger map but couldn't find one. They limit the entries to the first 32000. That is a lot of people, checkout the pic of the start. When they turn you loose the people in the back would probably have to wait 30 min. to get moving.

It wouldn't be that hard of a ride just a long ride. Sure would be fun though, see the elevation chart. The only hills are the bridges. You don't even have  to take your bicycle you can rent one there for the day. Now this would not be my first choice for a bike to do this but would work for a lot of people. It must because they run out of rentals every year.

Next year this is gonna be a must do. If ya notice the date on this it is right on my anniversary, we have plans. LOL. Got to keep the wife happy! Although you never know she might be ready to ride it by this time next year. She actually brought this to me. I never even knew she read my bicycle magazines. The Vegas part is what got her attention and the Red Rock Resort. Anyway you go to Vegas stay at the Red Rock and call the local bicycle shop, Mcghie's. They will bring you bikes to the resort and from there out through the Red Rock Canyon and back is a 17 mile ride. They advise you not to try it in summer because of the heat but I think we could work around that.

Also they have primo mountain biking trails to ride so she could have a spa day and I can go ride. Got to have a plan.

Doesn't look to technical but what the heck, you would be able to say you had been riding in the desert and you would get a lot of good pics. So a few years later you could look at all your pics and the only thing you will remember will be the money you lost in the casino. Been there done that. Every time I think of Vegas, that's all I remember. How much I lost. They didn't build that place by losing money. See I get to talking about it now and had to tell that, and it has been about 4 years since we went.

So today I leave you with a sunset shot of a grain tower..LOL..I thought it was cool anyway...........

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