Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh Yea......

Oh the possibilities. Now I am starting to get pumped. I have been on line all morning looking up all the races in our area for the season. I am still leaning on the Southern Classic Series but now that we have decided to do our own thing this year we are looking at all options. I am not worrying about the overall in any particular series, just doing good at any race I enter.

I like this series it is fun with a lot of fast people. For the most part all the races are close enough they don't hurt to bad on the pocket book. So if we do some of these we can still throw in a few of the Southeast Regionals. Now they have really big fields and a lot of fast people.

This series is like the premier series for the southeast. At any race on the schedule you will have people from about 5-6 states in attendance. All of these races are qualifiers for the nationals. You finish in the top ten of any one of these races and you can go to the nationals. The best part is some of these are very close to the house.

As you can see, the picture above is the start at one of the Southeast Regionals, this is just the expert/pro/sport classes start. The way they do the start is pro's out first, then experts, then sport (that would be me), All your beginners and masters classes, including the juniors race in the morning and we usually go after lunch. If you look close at that picture you can see in the top left corner just how far back and the amount of people who show up for these races. I would line up about half way through there for my class.
Then we have the local summer series, it starts in the middle of April and goes through the summer every Wednesday night. I will pick and choose the ones I want to do in this one. We used to run all over Charlotte for these but now I want to concentrate on the weekend races.

I do want to do this race it is a one off event and very fun. It is at the end of April. I think Cody and I are going to do this one as a team! It will be the first time he and I have done the duo thing together, should be fun.

Then at the end of summer we have this one it is a twelve hour race in October. I have to get Cody back in shape for the endurance events, hopefully he will get motivated for them. He was always a little to young before now so I am kinda looking forward to riding with him. As you can see there is more than enough to keep us busy this year. Sometime in the middle of all this we have about 10 track meets to get out of the way this spring. Needless to say it will be a busy summer. I hope to get some good pictures at the track meets so stay tuned..

I also found this, it is a elevation map for the first stage of the Pisgah Forrest off road stage race. They have this one in the fall, five days long 36 miles a day. As you can see it is in the mountains and looks like a hell of a lot of climbing. I would like to do this someday but hard to spend a week of your vacation just for a bike race.

That's about it for today so I will leave you with a shot I took a few years ago, this is hwy21 south from Richburg S.C. toward Columbia S.C. Now that is a roller coaster!!!!!!

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