Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Middle..........

That's right it's the middle of the week. The misery is just about over. I always start to get a little excited when Wednesday comes around. You only have to suffer through two more days, then you get a couple of days. Believe it or not I do like my job and the people (for the most part) I work with. I just enjoy my weekends more than the week days.

Now that the sun is staying out longer I can finally get in an afternoon ride. Time changes in a few more weeks and nobody looks forward to that more than I do. Last night I hit the woods right after work and it was perfect, it hasn't rained here in few weeks, everything is dry and fast! I haven't ridin a lot this winter as I have talked about already but I am starting to get the urge. Racing season is like three weeks away and I am beginning to get excited. All I have said for the last month is that I don't want to race. Now I do!

My times are starting to pickup, not far off my fast times when I am racing and training. So I feel like there is still hope! I have decided that unless somebody wants to give my bikes and uniforms or other free stuff I am going it alone this year. No club teams, I either want a sponsor or I will do it myself. That way if I don't want to race a particular race I don't have to.

Have you ever seen those army duffel bags? I have two of them slam full of riding clothes. So I sure ain't paying for more! The team I helped get started is doing well, they have signed up a whole group and won't miss me. They might miss my points in the team races but that's it. No hard feelings I just want to move on. I liked it better when I was the only one wearing the uniforms for my shop, now they have a bunch of people out there. I like to fly solo.

Remember, lead don't follow!!!!! At least I get more satisfaction out of it that way. I like to be in charge. Looks like I am heading to Virginia on the 12th for the race Sunday the 13th. Kinda getting excited about it.

So last night I went right after work and hit the trail. My time was only 2 minutes off my fastest time ever for this particular trail, so yea I was pretty stoked. I think that's what has me rethinking my year of riding.

Well anyway enough about me. Check out this bicycle, yes it is my Surly-Pugsley fat tire bike I still want to add to my collection. They have a race in Wisconsin every winter in the snow, 135 miles straight thru. Start at 7:00am and the winner usually finishes in about 21 hours all in the snow! This year it was -21 at the start! As you can see from the picture of the bikes you have to carry emergency supplies iincluding a sleeping bag and tent, stove and fuel! If you get lost you are supposed to stop and wait it out for help, if you can't find your way back on track. Now that's a race! I ain't sure where you live but this race was only a few days ago. These pictures are from then, as you can see they have some weather in Wisconsin....

Check out John Daly's new golf bag. Wireless Internet and cable TV..Via Caddy Shack....Only he could show up with this and get away with it!!!

Of course I have a super grain tower for you today ............You realize how much grain would be stored in this place. They have miles of conveyor belts in this place..

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