Thursday, February 17, 2011


You ever think about it? I do. When we where growing up we moved a few times before we ended up here in North Carolina. I loved it, you ever watch House Hunters it is one of my favorite shows. I used to love when we were looking for a house. We would spend the day going thru houses and driving to them and driving by the schools to see what they were like. At least what the schools looked like. The area and all of the above. It was fun to me. I don't think my brother ever really liked it but I did.

Of course you would want it all to end up the same way. Yes same kids same wife you know what I mean. But..... "You Ever Think About It".

When we moved here dad had an option of Charlotte or Chicago. Then if my memory is correct (it might not be I was 12) they decided Charlotte is where they wanted him. We lived in Lexington K.Y. for the most part when I was young. We were in the city, I loved the city! When we were in Atlanta G.A. we lived in the country. It was cool but I prefer the city. So I think about the Chicago move the most. How would it have been different, would I have the same career? You never know, I sure didn't stand around on the corner as a kid and say " when I grow up I am going to be a lumber salesman"..It just worked out that way.

Then we ended up here and in the country. It was fun had a lot trails for the dirt bike and all the woods you could imagine. I had a paper route in K.Y. and hung out at the bike shop near the mall. When we moved here the first time mom took me to the bike shop I about cried. We had to drive to Charlotte and that was a long way away. Now you can't even tell where Charlotte ends and Matthews begins it has grown up so much. Guess what, I am out in the country even now, ended up buying a house east of Charlotte about 40min. Kids love it.

Yesterday I was on the net and stumbled across an article about houses that are selling for about the same as a car. When you see that it really makes you think. I could sell the house I am in now and move to one of these places, buy a house have it paid for and work about anywhere and be able to pay the bills!

 This house was the most expensive one at $49000. It was in South Bend Ind. Beautiful area I have been there. Gets a lot of snow but what the hell if your house is paid for and all you pay are the utilities. You don't have to go out that much!

Next we have Michigan at $34500 Shebogan I think. But still a cool house. They just don't build them like this anymore. it reminds me of my grandmas house in Kansas. I love the older homes with the porches and nice yards.

Then we have Arizona at $34900. Can you believe that. Although I don't like this style of house at least it is cheap! No wonder Bristol Palin moved there. I heard she bought her house out of foreclosure that means she got it cheap. Oh well to hot in Arizona, for me anyway.......

Last we have Iowa at $47500. I love Iowa it is as flat as Kansas if not flatter. Have you ever seen the dirt in Iowa, doesn't look like the dirt anywhere else I have been. Almost black it is so rich. Here in N.C. all we grow is feed corn that crap will grow in concrete. Out there they grow corn for human consumption. We feed the pigs!!!

I talk about moving to Ashland K.S. all the time. My mom says I wouldn't like it out there after about a month, she might be right! Now I need to find a cheap house in the city and not Detroit. Oh well "You Ever Think About It" ....................Later.................

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