Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Again.............

Monday again, I usually call my post on Monday, Monday. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it. But what else would you call it. I might call it my least favorite day of the week, I hate Monday. You need a day to recoup after a 2 day weekend, at least I do.

If you don't you better get up off the couch more often. Last night I was so tired I had to take a 2 hour nap so I could make it to the bed to go to bed! Does that make sense to you. In other words I was tired. The weather was about as good as it gets the whole weekend. If you are an outdoors person it was the perfect deal. I did do some shopping with the wife Saturday but I still made it out to ride.

Did the road thing Saturday and hit the woods Sunday. The trails were absolutely perfect! Went to Sherman Branch, that is the local hot spot. If you ride a mountain bike Sherman is the place to be. Eleven miles of perfect single track. Went with the intentions of a nice easy ride and left with my tongue dragging. The leaves are still of the trees so you can see through the woods, so when I see someone that I know is out in front of me I can't help it, I have to catch them. So that is why my tongue was dragging! To top it off the local mountain bike club was having a social ride and they had about ten people riding together. They were all in the parking lot heading into the woods when I pulled up. So that gave them about a five minute head start on me. Of course I had to catch them, and I did! I had to work hard but I managed to get to them at about the eight mile mark. Then I had to kick it so they wouldn't catch me!!!

You look kinda stupid if you catch a group and pass all them and then slow down and get in their way. I made sure I didn't look stupid. Plus some of the guys in that group think they are the bomb. Never hurts to push them sometimes.

Winter Storm Pounds Midwestern States

Next it is hard to read headlines like this when we are having such beautiful weather. If you read my last post last week, talking about moving you may have noticed most of those houses where located in the snow belt. Maybe I need to research cheap houses in Florida. That's my kinda weather.

Sun sand and the beach! I can deal with the heat, the snow would drive me nuts after a while.You see the bicycle in this picture, Florida is calling my name.Have a nice evening see ya tomorrow............


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