Friday, January 21, 2011

Yea Ha............

Everybody loves Friday , that's right its Friday..The time of the week that you actually don't mind going to work..Just for showing up you get 2 days off what a reward , and just to make you feel good they give you a check ..What a deal..Today you forget how crappy every other day has been this week and how annoying customers are..Yep don't even mind answering the phone today , although that is my job..It is just easier to do today..Everybody goes out for lunch today and they don't fuss about how much it costs..Because its Friday!!!!!!!

I am ready for my reward for another hard week of work..I work to live I don't live to work..But that's alright I have the winning lottery ticket so this was probably my last week working with all the common folk..But I always have a plan B , show up again on Monday..Got to have that backup plan..

So anyway I booked our ferry ride for the Outer Banks today , we aren't going until May but believe it or not you better be on list early..The wife and I are going over to the core banks for 3 days on our anniversary..Now for those of you who have not been to the Outer Banks it is a wonderful place truly is the best beach that I have ever been to..We have always stayed in Ocrakoke but this year we are really going native , that's the reason for the shorter trip this time..The Core Banks are totally empty the park service has cabins over there that you can rent , no power but a roof..They have running water but that's it..We are going to camp on the beach for 3 days..That's right I said right on the beach with the ocean at our door step..Now how many people have always wanted to do that..We take a private ferry over to the island and they drop you off and you are all alone..

The island is about 20 miles long and only has like 10 cabins  , they are all in the same area at one end..So it's not that hard to get out by yourself..We have a four wheel drive truck and a shovel (if ya get stuck) hope I don't need the shovel..

These pics are what we will see from the front door of our tent for 3 days..Yes if you might need it you better take it with you , there ain't no corner store to run to..When I say it is an empty island I mean it..Just checkout the pics..Sun sand and a hammock , that's right I am taking 2 hammocks and a big ass cooler full of dry ice it lasts a lot longer..Dig a hole on the beach for a fire and your hooked up..Anyhow I am looking forward to it , so is the wife..

So back to the bike gonna be a cold weekend lows in the 20's and only in the 30's for the highs not exactly want I was hoping for but I will make do..Got to get the training miles in ,  March is gonna be here before I know it..Don't know what the kids have on their mind but I got a feeling they are gonna let me know..

Found this pic today , I want one everybody needs a neon bicycle in their window..That is the logo for New Belgium Brewery the makers of my favorite beer..Fat Tire amber ale..The only reason I even tried it was because of the bicycle on the bottle..Yea I can be shallow sometimes..

Well I guess I have talked enough today so the only thing left would be the shot of the grain tower , and I added  a field of wheat today..What do you think is in those towers..What do you see in the back of that field,,yep another grain tower.....

Beep Beep Beep ,,,,,,I was about to hit the publish button and one of out employees came in talking about what he has heard on the radio..They say we could possibly get 10in of snow Monday night..Ha i am going to get my wish..That's funny..But that gives me hope on my lottery tickets....You can always dream.......

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