Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello hope you had a nice weekend , it was fun and cold..

Rode Saturday , waited till the afternoon so it could warm up and my feet still about froze..You know the trails around this area are nice..We have a lot of options for trails in this area that are maintained by a group of mtn bike riders .. They have been in this area for several years and do a lot of great work..

But when it comes to rain they seem to be a little confused..They maintain several trails in this area and have one in particular that they seem to really love..It has a gate and if we get a sprinkle they lock it up..Now I understand but they go overboard..If ya go on their website they have trail status on the front page..Nobody bothers to update it..So whats the point..

Anyhow after driving over there Saturday I get there and the gate is locked..Beautiful day hasn't rained all week and the gate is locked..

That really gets on my nerves..Went to another park and rode , no mud and had a good ride..So anyhow how about keeping up with the web site if you are not going to open the trail..

Now it might seem like I am just fussing for no reason but if you are familiar with this club you would understand why it gets under my skin..One of the main people on the board is a promoter of mtn bike races..If he is having a race and has 100 people there and it rains what happens we race..Nothing is ever said about that , but let it rain and they close everything..

Ok I am done fussing now..Mom didn't like my motorcycle pics so I removed them from the site..if you notice they are gone , and mom is happy.. 

Now if ya look at this pic that is main street in Williamsburg VA ..I once had my tractor trailer parked right there on main with a load of handmade bricks for a restoration they were doing..It was cool and I just wanted to share that with you..

Well anyhow been busy here at work today haven't had a chance to write much so tomorrow I will try to do better....See ya

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