Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wed..That's the title

So here we go again pics of the seat on the touring bike..Turned out nice , color coordinated and all..

Anyway tonight is the night , don't have to pic Cody up from drivers ed today , it is the neighbors turn to pic up the kids.. And when have another storm coming , not gonna be as much precipitation as Christmas but gonna mess the roads up.. So if no ride tonight it will be no ride at all this week..Time to hit the road..Got my lights charging and ready to roll..Road ride , at night..believe it or not I feel safer riding at night with my lights front and rear than I do during the day.. People slow way down to pass you at night.. They slow down to checkout the idiot riding at night..LOL..

The only other thing I have going on right now would be one of the kids managed to kick the spout where the water comes out of the wall when they were getting in the shower..And then the water got behind the wall and ran down the pipe and messed up the ceiling down stairs..Ain't that the shits..

Ordered our new race kits this morning still don't know what they are going to look like but what the hell we are on the team..Or part of the club..LOL..

Also it's time to stop dragging my ass and get to work on my S-10..It has been out of commission for 2-weeks and I am tired of buying 3 dollar gas..The clutch is out and I am broke..So I have to put my mechanic hat on..Sounds easy enough but have you seen my garage ..Hell it will take a week to clear enough space out to make room for a truck..Or I can keep buying 3 dollar gas..Guess I will get to work on the garage..

So that's about all I can think of today.. Tonight I will ride my bike clean the garage and cut a hole in the sheet rock to see the amount of damage I have from the shower leaking..Should be able to get this done by 9..LOL..Oh well I will pace myself , we still have 2 more bathrooms so what's the rush there..I have gas in the big pickup..and I can still get through the garage..At least I will ride........ 

So this is my truck of the day a big Kenworth..The one I had was red with black fenders...Use your imagination......Later

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