Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok another snow day , I think we all are tired of it now..Karen got put on call today so after I got the truck windows cleaned and let it run for about 30min they called and said don't bother even the doctors can't get to work..So off to Knife and Fork..Good food at a great price..LOL..The kids stayed home and waited for takeout..I didn't have that option..So anyhow put a nice pic of the driveway yesterday, looked real cool....Then this morning couldn't get out , all the trees are iced over and leaning over the driveway..Had to use 4-wheel drive to get out..

So that is my project for today..Fix driveway so I can get out easier..And I can't even drink beer , somebody has to stay sober so they can drive the wife to work if they call..That sucks she is on call and it effects me..LOL..Oh well I like it when she gets paid..Price to pay......By me....

So at the moment I am watching the wife take the Christmas tree down and listing to a show about Yeti...That's right they have a Bigfoot in China..I must be bored..

So did ya notice I changed the big truck on the main page..They don't make cab over trucks anymore , everybody had to have a hood about 20 years ago and they quit buying them so they quit making them..The one on the page is a double bunk cab over..Just like the one BJ and the Bear used to ride around in..One of these days I am gonna buy me another truck..Yes it will be a cab over..

Checkout the pic of the interior , yes that is button tuck , sweet..I used to have a cab over although it wasn't this nice..And the best part is nobody wants these trucks still , so you can buy them pretty cheap(for a truck)..

I need to get back on the bike before I go crazy and buy a new big truck..Oh well in reference to a bicycle..This weather has been perfect for a Pugsley remember that from a prior post..So every chance I have had I have made mention of this fact..Not making much progress but I am trying..

That just ain't right , the kid is going to smother..Still a funny pic..The Internet is a wonderful time killer..

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