Monday, January 10, 2011


Well here we go again two snows in 2 weeks is a new record for us..It is fun though..And I got the day off work..Driveway shot..

Well anyhow the weekend went by with not to much action , the weather is still the shits , cold , real cold..Cody and I went and rode the bmx bikes yesterday(Sunday)..Road from the house to downtown Monroe , pedaled around town for about an hour and then back to the house..That is a long way let me tell ya , a total of probably 12miles.. Not much overall but on a bmx bike that is a long way..My shoulders and back are sore today and my thighs feel like they are jello..

So anyhow so much for training this weekend , if I ain't got the training in by now there ain't much use in me racing this coming Sunday..I will show up and watch the expert race at 2:30 but I doubt I will race this week .. The weather is supposed to be rainy and in the 20's anyway..When it comes to the cold I am a wimp..And I spent enough on parts last year when we raced about every week in the rain..We ain't doing that this year..

Well that's about all I have to say on this snowy Monday morning..Time to go be a redneck , that's right I got a four wheel drive !!!! Only get to use it a few times a year but well worth the extra money..LOL..When I get back I will finish this post and add some ride around pics...

OK if you haven't figured out this is a 2-stage post..We have been out all day and now it is 8:30.. Went to wal-mart got groceries..came home and went sledding over at the church..Went walking in the snow..Got some great pics as you can see , for us in this area this is unusual for us to get this much snow and this is some rough stuff ..(for us)..Oh well won't be going to work again tomorrow , school is out again and Karen has to work ..So no matter what is happening with the weather in the am I got to hit the road..At least she only works 10min from here..So tomorrow I will get some sledding pics ...Later.. 

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