Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tomorrow is Today

As much as I hate it tomorrow will be the day I go back to work..All my lottery tickets were crap and the scratch offs weren't any better..So if I want to keep eating tomorrow is the day..

Went sledding again yesterday , tried to put video on here and can't get it to load..So tomorrow I will take it to my personal I-T guy and let him show me how to do it..We had a group of Cody's friends show up and join us..If ya notice the one kid , his dad took apart his wheel borrow for the kid to play on..Worked pretty good , no control but they had fun..

So back to today , nobody wants to play..I am mad..Not really , have been cleaning the house all morning , looks good too..So now need to hit the garage and do the same , might wait for it to warm up before we tackle that..

And the big truck of today will be something kinda of corny but what the hell it ain't my truck..This guy is a nut..

Kinda corny ain't it , found it on one of the custom truck builder sites..And he paid somebody to come up with this for him..I would like it better if he had the bike mounted only by itself , but with the weight bench it killed it..

So back to bicycles , this is what 2 people traveling on 1 bike carried with them..That's a lot of crap..I can guarantee you I won't have as much stuff..And all that fit on 1 tandem bike..I will have a flag though , got to have a flag..

Notice the title to my post today..Yea I forgot to hit the post button , better late than never....................

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