Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Is Kansas

I always liked the grain elevators in Ashland..You can always see the next town from like 10 miles before you get to them , because of the towers..

So I got some pics of them..I used to pull a dump trailer when I was trucking I got to see a lot of feed mills..Believe it or not I was in Louisiana one time and a rice mill that was a 100 years old fell..Yea and I was in the sleeper I didn't get to see it..My buddy Trey went with me on this trip and he was in the front seat and got to see it..Don't that beat all..

See what I mean you see them from way off , this is only a mile or so..The second one is real close..But you get the point..

Back to Ashland KS , this pic could be main street in Ashland..But it ain't , this is Tribune KS..Never been to it but I know the town..I miss it now..Growing up I went out to Ashland every summer for 2-weeks..Always got to see all my family , and it seemed like I was always there for the county fair..That was cool , the fair ground entrance was across the street from grandmas driveway..I had all my grand parents in Ashland and rode my bicycle all over town..Oh to be young again..

offshore drilling in Kansas
 You only see pics like this in the Midwest , although I don't remember a lot of oil wells around Ashland they are every where..I have family in that business also..

Anyhow I have all my lights charged and ready to roll..Soon as the sun goes down , oh wait it would have to come up first..Haven't seen it all day..Cloudy and rainy here , I am going riding tonight..And from the pic above I think I made the right choice about Sunday...It was real muddy...............

This pic is from Minnesota , I found it this morning..I went on a trip through work and we went drinking..That is the wife and I in the front very..Made me laugh that's for sure it was fun..see ya...............

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